Map of COVID-19 Cases Behind Bars

Notice: The updates are currently only hold due to Google prohibiting Adryan from updating the map. We are pending a move to a different platform

COVID-19 Behind Bars is an independent journalism project tracking jails, prisons, detention centers, and other facilities of incarceration impacted by the Coronavirus pandemic.

Each blue pin represents such cases reported on by news outlets. Each orange represents potential cases reported on by inside prisoner sources. An impacted area may not have confirmed positive cases of COVID-19, but they may have several prisoners exhibiting flu-like symptoms and/or respiratory complications who are not being tested. Likewise, an impacted area may have confirmed, documented positive cases of COVID-19 among the prisoner population and/or staff, including but not limited to correctional officers, medical professionals, and administrative workers. Read more about our methodology.

If you are in touch with someone behind bars who is impacted and would like to contribute to our map, fill out this Google form.

To contact us, please email to get in touch with our team.

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